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We offer an ondemand tutoring video service which allows anyone to access our library of over 100+ easy to follow videos ranging from Cost Accounting and Capital Budgeting. We tailor each video such that you are accessing information relevant for a specific exam.

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One on One Tutoring

Persons may opt for one on one attention as it relates to specific topics. Through our One on One Tutoring service, round the clock availability is possible in order to be well prepared for a specific exam.


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Why Shuancie's Tutoring Services

  • Scholarship Assistance

    We assist our students to find jobs and scholarships islandwide.

  • Prayer Sessions

    We host prayer sessions before exams to pray for students who may be depressed, sick, struggling financially or struggling academically.

  • Support Groups

    We offer support groups for students who have various circumstances such as losing a loved one, that is support given by other students going through the same situation or who have passed through that situation.

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Hear what customers are saying about Shuancie's Online Tutoring Service

C. Hoilett
University of Technology, Jamaica

I really hope your business takes off because these videos are excellent! Much better than going class and the fact that we can play them over. Very clear and straight forward. Well done!

S. Coley
University of Technology, Jamaica

I can’t thank you enough, I saw it on my portal earlier today where I passed Financial Management, I owe it to you & God. Thanks a mil, keep fulfilling your purpose as you are really helping students and not only work wise but to bring them closer to God in the sense where we should call on him, he sees and knows it all.

T. Barnett
University of Technology, Jamaica

Thank u so much! Even though the grades aren’t out yet but I have faith... God never cease to work in my favor. You literally enlighten my darkness and I really appreciate it and you.

C. Watson
University of Technology, Jamaica

You made the topics simpler..... After your class I was able to teach the topics I don't regret skipping class for more than a month because you did your part and I did mine thanks again.

C. Bishop
University of Technology, Jamaica

You are amazing!!!! Thank you again, and again, and again. I was just moving as they said "begin

C. Moore
University of Technology, Jamaica

I just want to say thank you. You made it so easy to grasp the various concepts with all the practice questions I felt well prepared, you definitely have a gift and I appreciate your service. May God continue to bless you so you can bless us.

J. Small
University of Technology, Jamaica

Thanks for everything Shuancie, the test was good. Section B was a breeze for me.

R. Anderson
University of Technology, Jamaica

Thank you I got 90% on the second test after I started using you. Before my test 1 grade was 40%

B. Hylton
University of Technology, Jamaica

I passed Management Accounting. Thank you so much for your help and guidance. It really meant a lot to me to have you as my tutor. Now onto Financial Accounting next semester! See you in January.

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